Simile | Smart Bundles FAQ's

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Can I remove the 'Powered by ScopeMedia' tag?

Yes, upgrade to premium and you can disable the simile branding.

Will bundles always be the same?

No, each product will have a unique bundle associated.

How do we make Amazon-like “Frequently Bought Together” Bundles?

The app analyses the previous purchases in your store database and uses an Amazon-like AI algorithm to generate relevant product bundles automatically. Each bundle usually contains up to 3 products from different categories. The algorithm has also been optimized for new stores with no orders.

How to configure a percentage discount?

You can define a percentage discount in the app dashbord to motivate your customers to buy more for each purchase. The discount will be applied to all products in the bundle and those products only. If the customer breaks the bundle by removing any products, the discount will be removed from the remaining products in the cart.

Is Smart Bundles works on all devices?

Yes! The app will look beautiful on all devices and screen sizes.

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