Similar Upsell FAQ's

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Where is the widget displayed?

By defalt the widget is displayed underneath your product listing.

Can I change where the widget is displayed?

Yes, to change it's position on your site, please follow these steps:

Step 1

On the Simile dashboard, find the "Customize the location of the widget" section.

Step 1 screenshot

  1. Copy <div id="sm-similar-products"></div> to your clipboard.
  2. Click "Customize widget in template" button.

Step 2

On Shopify's Themes page, find "Current theme" section.

Step 2 screenshot

  1. Click "Actions" menu.
  2. Click "Edit code".

Step 3

  1. Search product-template.liquid in search files bar
  2. Paste <div id="sm-similar-products"></div> anywhere you would like the widget to display.

Step 3 screenshot

Step 4

Click "Save" and check the result.

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Can I edit the layout of the widget?

Yes, you can upgrade to premium to adjust layout settings.

How do I hide the widget from my product pages?

The widget is enabled on your product listing page by default. To hide the widget, click "Disable widget" on app's dashboard.

hide widget screenshot

How do I sync my products with the Simile app?

Simile will automatically sync all your products after you install the app. After you add, delete or edit your products, you may need to sync your products with the Simile app again.

sync products screenshot

How do you generate recommendations?

  • We analyze your product images using our advanced machine learning model.
  • The widget will display products based on their visual similarity tot he one being viewed.

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