Smart Search FAQ's

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Where is the widget displayed?

There are three ways to display the widget.

  • Fixed on the corner
    The camera icon is displayed fixed on upper right corner of your site page by default. display fixed on upper right corner
  • Embedded in search bar
    Display a camera icon beside the search icon.
    It works for most free themes, including but not limited to Simple, Boundless, Venture, Debut, Supply, Narrative, Brooklyn and Minimal.
  • Customized location
    Add shortcode <div class="sm-visual-search-widget"></div> in theme liquid files

Can I change where the widget is displayed?

Yes, to change it's position on your site, please follow these steps:

Step 1

On the Simile dashboard, enable the "Customized location" checkbox.

  1. Copy <div class="sm-visual-search-widget"></div> to your clipboard.
  2. Click "Customize widget in template" button.

Step 2

On Shopify's Themes page, find "Current theme" section.

Step 2 screenshot

  1. Click "Actions" menu.
  2. Click "Edit code".

Step 3

  1. Search header.liquid in search files bar, or other liquid name.
  2. Paste <div id="sm-similar-products"></div> anywhere you would like the widget to display.

Step 3 screenshot

Step 4

Click "Save" and check the result.

If you need any help to change anywhere you would like the widget to be displayed, please contact us at

Why widget is not show as customized?

First, please check the option "Customized location" is enabled. Second, for some store theme. Widget will not render correctly because of "Lazy loading".
You may edit liquid with code as
<svg id="icon-visual-search-button" viewBox="0 0 512 512" class="icon icon-visual-search-button" style="width:20px;vertical-align: initial;"><path fill="currentColor" d="M512 144v288c0 26.5-21.5 48-48 48H48c-26.5 0-48-21.5-48-48V144c0-26.5 21.5-48 48-48h88l12.3-32.9c7-18.7 24.9-31.1 44.9-31.1h125.5c20 0 37.9 12.4 44.9 31.1L376 96h88c26.5 0 48 21.5 48 48zM376 288c0-66.2-53.8-120-120-120s-120 53.8-120 120 53.8 120 120 120 120-53.8 120-120zm-32 0c0 48.5-39.5 88-88 88s-88-39.5-88-88 39.5-88 88-88 88 39.5 88 88z"></path></svg>
You can modify SVG image to your linking. Remember to keep SVG's ID with icon-visual-search-button

Why is the icon displayed incorrectly after customized?

Some additional modifications are needed for some themes. Please contact your theme developer or us to help you modify the code.

How do I hide the widget from my product pages?

The widget is enabled on your site by default. To hide the widget, click "Disable widget" on app's dashboard.

hide widget screenshot

How do I sync my products with the Simile app?

Simile will automatically sync all your products after you install the app. After you add, delete or edit your products, you may need to sync your products with the Simile app again.

sync products screenshot

How do "Smart Search" generate search results?

  • We analyze your product images using our advanced machine learning model.
  • The widget will display visually similar products based on images uploaded by users, to the store's products.
  • This is done using our similar search computer vision AI that identifies image attributes and compares their likeness.

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